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**As of 7/23, I have no CEU class availability.  Classes will resume in September, for those renewing late or wishing to start CEUs for the 2022 renewal.   

CEU classes are offered on an ongoing, as needed basis.  Classes can be held for one person and are scheduled Tuesday through Saturday.   They're informal, dress comfortably and bring your drink and a snack if you wish.  Everything you need is provided. 

  All CEU classes are State of Delaware approved.  

 - Head, Neck and Sinus Massage - Learn how to use specific massage, pressure points, essential oils and hot steam towels to help open up sinuses and relieve congestion.   We also go over ways to market this service, what to charge, what supplies you will need and what items you may already have that you can put into use in your practice.   4 hours, 4 core CEUS, $80.  # 091603

Body Scrub- Learn how to do an exfoliating salt scrub on your clients and add a new skill to your repetoire, in a dry rom - no sink or shower needed!    We'll go over ways to market it, products needed and where to obtain them, set up, contraindications and actual hands on performing scrubs as well as receiving one.   4 hours, 4 elective CEUs, $80. 

Incorporating Hot Stone into your sessions - learn how to incorporate hot stones into your regular sessions as a tool to work out tight areas and knots with less work.    Will also learn contraindications, supplies needed and proper set up and sanitation, as well as performing and receiving a stone massage during class. 6 hours, 6 Core CEUs, $120.    #091601

All classes are held on an as-needed basis, so when I get one or two people who want to attend, class is scheduled.   Call if you have any questions or wish to schedule your class  538-1135. 

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