Massage & Spa  - Tranquil Spirit

$40  Half Hour  
$70  Hour           
$100 Hour and a half    $100

Swedish - The basis of all massage and the ultimate for relaxation and tension relief, using slow, rhythmic strokes and light to moderate pressure.

Deep Tissue - A deeper, more purposeful massage, using heavier pressure in specific areas to work out knotted and tense areas.

Hot Stone - Smooth polished stones are heated and used to work out tight areas, constriction and knotted muscles.

Prenatal - A relaxing and luxurious treat for the mother-to-be after the first trimester.

Aromatherapy - Swedish, deep tissue or hot stone massage with essential oils added in to enhance the session and produce deeper relaxation and a sense of well-being.

*Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone or aromatherapy may be combined in a single session*

Sinus or Stress Headache - Neck, shoulder and facial massage, with steam towels and essential oils designed to relieve sinus pressure and congestion or melt tension away. Half hour only.


Express - Great for a quick pick-me-up glow! Cleansing, exfoliation, steam and facial massage, mask, toner and moisturizer. $40 

Customized European - You'll love the way your face looks and feels after this pampering and effective facial. Cleansing, gel exfoliation, facial, neck, hand and arm massage, extractions, mask, toner and moisturizer. $70 


Toes In The Sand- A half hour of pure bliss for your feet. A refreshing peppermint foot scrub, followed by steam towels and lemon creme massage. $40                                                  

Spa Hand & Foot Treatment - An exfoliating salt scrub, followed by a hydrating mask and massage with moisturizing body butter leaves your hands and feet baby soft. $40 

Aromatherapy Wrap - A blend of essentail oils are applied to the body before you are swaddled in soft cocooning blankets to allow the oils to soothe the skin and senses. $50         

Body Scrub - Full body treatment with a specialty blend of oils, sea salts and steam towels, to exfoliate and leave your skin feeling baby soft and smooth.  $50                                      


Sweet Escape - Half hour massage and Express facial - $70
The Getaway - One hour massage and Customized European facial - $120 

Choose any two of the following for $70  
 or Three for $100
or  Four for $130 

* Half Hour Massage 
* Express Facial 
* Aromatherapy Wrap
* Body Scrub
* Spa Hand & Foot Treatment
* Toes In The Sand
 * Half Hour Sinus/Tension Massage 

Post Massage Recovery Rest now available! Reserve the room for a half hour after your massage, for $15.  Sleep, meditate, stretch, relax, it's your time!  

(NOTE:  This must be scheduled at the time your appointment is scheduled.  I cannot guarantee availability at the time of your appointment without prior notice.   Service may not be available at all times.) 

Gift Certificates available in any denomination!

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