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"I've never had a massage before."

  So you've gotten a gift certificate maybe, or a friend gets massages and talks about it all the time, but you've never had a massage before and aren't quite sure what to expect.   Is it going to hurt?   Do you have to take all your clothes off and will you be covered up?  What is going to happen?   What if they do something I don't like?  Getting your first massage can be a little worrying and I hope that before your session all your questions will be answered.   Going to a a place where a stranger is going to touch you while you have very little on can be very disconcerting - I wholeheartedly understand that .   Don't ever hesitate to ask something or speak up if you don't like something!   I want you to be relaxed and confident that you are in control of the session.   This is your time.

  When you come into Tranquil Spirit, you will be given an intake form to fill out.   It will ask certain contact information and health questions.   There are conditions that are contraindicated for massage and  I do not ever want to work on someone who should not be receiving massage.   So it is very important that I have your information and that it is correct and current.   No one will ever see this form but me. 

   We will then go into the massage room and I might clarify any information you have provided.   I will verify what areas you want worked on and what areas to avoid.  If you don't like your feet touched or only want me to work on your back, neck and shoulders, it's ok to say so!   We will talk about what kind of massage you want and what kind of pressure.    Some people like very deep work and others just want to relax.   If it is your first massage, I will not do deep work unless requested.   And please, please, please, let me know at any time if it is too deep.   Or too light - I can adjust my pressure, I do not want to hurt you.   You should feel good after a massage!

   I will tell you how to lay on the table, where you can place jewelry or glasses, where you can put your clothes.    The table is heated, I can turn it up or down, or provide you with blankets.   Please let me know as I want you to be as comfortable as possible.  I will then leave the room and let you get undressed and on the table.   And I will knock before I come back in, to make sure you are ready.   You may remove as much or as little clothing as you wish, as you will be under a sheet.   Obviously, the more actual skin I can reach, the better the massage will be.   For the ladies, you will get a better massage if your bra is removed but if you do not wish to, that is fine.  I can work around it (just know that any clothing you leave on may get oil or cream on it,)  Again, your comfort is my highest priority.   You will be covered by a full sheet and only the area being worked on will be exposed at any one time - your back, one leg, one arm.   You will NEVER be exposed while on the table.     Your modesty and privacy will always be respected.  

  I will come back in after knocking and make sure you are comfortable.  Headrest and foot bolster can both be adjusted.  During the massage, you may talk as much or as little as you wish, but most people prefer to remain quiet so as to really relax.   Many people fall asleep, and that's perfectly fine.  It means I'm doing a good job.  It's ok if you sleep, snore or drool - it's not the first time it's happened and it won't be the last.  Don't be self conscious about it, going to sleep is the first thing I do when I get my own massages!

  When the massage is completed, I will let you know and quietly leave the room.  Please take a few minutes before you get up - don't rush it,   Enjoy lying on the table and stretch, take some time to enjoy the sensation of your body being in a totally relaxed state.   We don't get that too much in our busy lives so take some time to appreciate it.   When you're ready you can get up, get dressed and come out into the office.  

And hopefully you will have fallen so in love with massage and feel so good that you will come back again soon!

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